All new skills, from white belt to black belt, are taught individually by Master Kim.  Black belts may lead warm-ups and warm-downs.  For new white belts, Master Kim will individually teach them in all the basics of the warm-ups and warm-downs.

Class sizes are intentionally small.  You don’t get lost in a large class: every student gets individual attention by Master Kim based on his or her needs and belt-level.  There’s no place to hide at Eagle Talon Martial Arts!

It is important for you to do a thorough search for the right martial arts school for you.  At Eagle Talon Martial Arts, we also look for the right students.  We look for students who have an inclusive and open mindset.  We can’t have students engage in bullying, hazing, or other violent conduct either in the dojang or outside of it.

Check out our Class Schedule and our photos from our past Belt Tests!