Why Hapkiodo

There are many benefits to learning Hapkido. Our unique program is a rigorously realistic and incredibly practical self-defense program. Regular training here will:

  • Improve athletic performance by improving conditioning and reflexes. You’ll be able to do any activity longer, faster and with more power.
  • Increase strength. Our unique techniques and exercises will make you physically stronger and tougher. Many everyday tasks will become easier to do because of this increase in strength.
  • Increase endurance. Your body will become more efficient from our warmup exercises, Dan Jun breathing and self-defense techniques. You will be able to save your energy and be able to do things more easily.
  • Increase flexibility. Flexibility will occur naturally due to the stretching movements that are done in each class. You will learn to stretch your muscles gradually and how not to injure yourself in the process.
  • Improve appearance. Regular exercise firms and tones muscles, burns more calories, and lose those love-handles.


In addition to all the fitness benefits you will receive, your Hapkido workout will enable you to develop confidence, improve self-esteem and reduce stress and tension. As you develop your self-defense skills you will be able to cope with daily problems and situations. The sense of accomplishment and pride that is developed will carry over to every aspect of your life. You will look different and feel different about yourself. Additionally, you will be expanding your knowledge base by learning and mastering the ancient skills of Korean martial arts.


The physical fitness and mental benefits are applicable to all students, but adults obtain unique and special benefits from our program:

  • Regular exercise will make you look better, feel better, and live longer. Our program includes exercise that will firm and tone your entire body – particularly the abdomen, hip and thigh areas. Korean martial arts are famous for their dynamic kicking techniques, which naturally provides a heavy concentration in that area.
  • Most people only think of self-defense when they think of martial arts – and not realizing the health aspect of it as well. After they discover the overall conditioning effect, they begin to understand that martial arts offers extraordinary value and advantages that cannot be achieved from the more traditional methods of getting in shape; for example – health clubs. With Martial Arts, while you are experiencing an improvement in fitness, you also are learning new skills which impact all areas of your life. While others are pursuing their fitness activities, you will be getting in shape and learning self-defense – killing two birds with one stone!
  • The discipline, concentration and physical skills that you will gain will lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have the self-assuredness to cope with the hassles and aggravations that can occur in today’s hectic, frustrating and sometimes dangerous society.


While self-defense and fitness are main focus for adults, our kid’s program has a totally different objective. Martial arts is a catalyst to promote confidence, goal orientation, and respect – not just a course in kicks and punches. So when a child participates in our program, they will learn at an early age that regular exercise should be a lifetime experience, not just a temporary fad. The increase in health and confidence leads to a more alert and confident child, this is what helps them get better grades in school and improve social interactions with their peers. Because martial arts students are able to focus better, thus becoming attentive and absorbing more of what the teachers at schools say. That would make us all much happier wouldn’t it?

We provide a wholesome, safe, drug-free environment here – building muscles and character with instructors serving as positive role models. You will know what your child is doing and where they are with our program. Your anxiety and worry will be replaced with the comfort of knowing that your child is learning valuable skills that will make them happier, healthier and more successful in life. Learning self confidence, self-esteem and self-respect.

We all want the best for children don’t we? There is no better investment that we could make for our children than enrolling them in a wholesome program like this one. Join our family!